About Me

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of someday being a farmer. Fast forward a few years (*ahem!) and I still have that dream.(It's good to dream.) Instead of having a 40 head cattle farm, we have a couple of cows. Instead of mowing our own fields, we help hay neighbor's fields in exchange for bales. And instead of having a 100 acres, where the deer and buffalo like to roam, we have 8, with deer only. Am I sad about it? No! God never gives us more than we can handle, and my life is pretty big with blessings at the moment!

I have been married to Brant for 24 years (& counting!) and we have 9 beautiful children. Over the last few years, 3 sons-in-law and 4 grandbabies have been added to the family. A few of my other titles are: Christian, grandma, daughter, granddaughter, sister, auntie, home school teacher, nutritionist, doctor, spiritual counselor, event planner, comedienne, chef, taxi driver, maid & referee!  I enjoy organic gardening/cooking, quilting, scrapbooking, camping, hiking and fishing. We try to grow as much food as possible on our little homestead, and are learning to rely less and less on commercial products. We are a whole foods family, but I have a secret love affair with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Caramel Frappachino's. Currently, we raise Bourbon Red Turkeys, chickens for meat and eggs, grass-fed cows for beef and milk (still waiting on the milk!), and we have a couple of pygmy goats for fun. I am a worshipper of the Creator, not creation, but I enjoy all it has to offer on a daily basis. I am a farm girl at heart, who is learning as I go, and blooming where I've been planted. Here is where I'll share what works for our family and hopefully you will be encouraged in your own journey.

Disclaimer: The only promise I can make you is that I will be real. This blog is an extension of who I am and I write as if I'm having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee. I can't promise perfection, but I can deliver perfect imperfection. I am not a health care professional, a veteranarian, or even a very good speller. I encourage you to do your own research before trying anything I might suggest, because what may work for us, may not work for everyone.