Home Recipes

Welcome to my Recipes Page! This is a work in progress, so please bear with me as I try and overcome my computer illiteracy. If you see a recipe you'd like to look at closer, just click on the title! If a link appears to be broken, I would be ever so grateful if you could let me know! Thank you!

*Gluten-Free~Be sure to use GF oats and corn products. (I'm still updating this information!)

Beef & Venison

Mouth-Waterin' Beef Stew (Crockpot)
*Toe-Warmin' Chili (Crockpot)
*Burger & 5 Bean Soup (Crockpot)
El Ranch Pasta Skillet
Taco Pizza
Crockpot Hamburger Minestrone Soup
*Homemade Beef Broth (Crockpot)
Cincinnati Chili
Not So Impossible Taco Pie
Beef or Venison Stroganoff
Juicy Grilled Burgers
Homemade Sloppy Joes
Ravioli Soup
Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Cinco de Mayo Casserole
*Korean Beef Bulgolgi
Black Bean & Sausage Soup (Crockpot)
Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Soup (Crockpot)
Venison Fajitas
*Crockpot Chinese Pepper Steak
*One Pot Mexi-Mac


*Pineapple Black Tea
*Yogurt Smoothies
*Plum Smoothies
*Pumpkin Spice Lattes
*Peach Melba Smoothies
*Lacto-fermented Lemonade
*Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothies


Kim's Kornbread
Christmas Monkey Bread
Sourdough English Muffins
Sourdough Bread
Sweet Cornbread
Sourdough Scones
Maple Walnut Scones
Zucchini Bread
European Peasant Bread
Peanut Butter Breakfast Muffins
Banananana Bread
Cranberry Orange Muffins
Banana Bread Muffins
*Gluten-Free Carrot Muffins
*Gluten-Free Poppyseed Muffins
Sourdough Tortillas
Appley-Apple Muffins
Pumpkin Spice Muffins
*Banana Nut Muffins
*Easy Peasy Gluten-Free Biscuits
*Gluten-free Buttermilk Cornbread 


Sunshine Casserole
*Homemade Granola
Nancy's Nutmeg Coffee Cake
*Golden Potato Bake
Peach Kuchen
*Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Oatmeal
*Mountain Man Breakfast (Dutch Oven cooking)
Oatmeal Buttermilk Cinnamon Pancakes
*Simple Soaked Oatmeal
Steel Cut Nutty Oats
Cornmeal Flapjacks & Lumberjack Prune Sauce
Raspberry Peach Pancake
Baked Eggs
Blueberry French Toast Casserole
Raspberry Cheesecake French Toast
*Quiche Lorraine
*Red, White, and Orange Baked Oatmeal
*Almond Joy Granola
*Breakfast Hash
*Mexican Frittata
*Cinnamon Spiced Granola
*Potato Brunch Bake


*Easy Summer Curried Chicken Salad
*Chicken Tortilla Soup
*Crockpot Salsa Chicken
*Teriyaki Chicken (Crockpot)
Chicken Cacciatore & Lemon-Herb Pasta
*Thai Peanut Curry with Chicken & Asparagus
*Baja Chicken Fajitas & Frijole Rancheros (Crockpot)
*Crockpot Chicken with Peanut Sauce
*Thai Cashew Chicken
*White Chicken Chili Tostados
Spinach Chicken Pasta Salad
*Uh-Oh Enchilada Sauce
*Chicken Curry Soup
Not Your Average Chicken Pot Pie
*Chicken Tamale Pie
Peanutty Thai Chicken
*Turkey Sausage Pasta Sauce (freezer cooking) 


*Yogurt Cream Cheese
*Yogurt Making
*Vanilla Bean & Raw Milk Ice Cream


No Corn Syrup Pecan Pie
Mr. Reese's Eat Your Heart Out Cake & Peanut Butter Frosting
*Old-Fashioned Tapioca Cream
Angel Food Cake
Coconut Custard Pie
*Key Lime Pie w/ Almond Date Crust
*Gluten-Free Applesauce Cake Donuts
*Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake
Rhubarb Crispy Pie
Strawberry Pie
*Fruit Salad with Cayenne-Lemon-Mint Syrup
Almost Sinless Brownies
Blueberry Peach Fruit Crisp
*GF Apple Spice Bundt Cake
Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes w/ Buttercream Frosting
Healthier Peanut Butter Cookies
Christmas Spritz Cookies
Chunky Coconut Cookies
Christmas Biscotti
Chocolate Waffle Cookies
Hidden Zucchini Brownies
Double Chocolatey Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
*Chocolate Hazelnut Pie
*Spiced Candied Nuts
*Peanut Butter Frosting
*GF Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Cake
*GF Spiced Oatmeal Cookies
*Decadent Chocolate Mocha Pudding

Dressings & Sauces

*Ranch Dressing Mix
*Orange Vinaigrette
*Italian Dressing Mix
*Classic Caesar Salad
*Balsamic Vinaigrette
*Pesto Sauce
Tangy Barbecue Sauce
*Tartar Sauce
*Coconut Curry Peanut Sauce
*Fresh Salsa
Lemon Fruit Dip
*White Zinfandel Pasta Sauce
*Kefir Ranch Dressing
*Fresh Guacamole


Salmon Quiche
*Baked Salmon w/ Asian Marinade
*Lime-Crusted Mahi Mahi
Salmon Patties
*Salmon w/ Lemon Butter
*Sweet & Smoky Salmon


Honey-Hoisin Pork Tenderloin
*Roasted Pork Loin
*Leftover Pork Curry
*Pork Broccoli Stir-Fry
*New Orleans Red Beans & Rice

Side Dishes & Salads

Before-I-Knew-Better Macaroni & Cheese
*Creamed Spinach
*Homemade Tortilla Chips
Hazelnut Quinoa Salad w/ Creamy Strawberry Dressing
*Garlic Potato Salad
Home-Baked Beans
Herbed Quinoa
Polenta w/ Creamy Tomato Sauce
*Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut
Zucchini, Corn, & Tomato Casserole
Gravy Basics
*Raw Cranberry Relish
Creamy Scalloped Potatoes
Perfect Potato Patties
*Spring Risotto
*Mango & Black Bean Confetti Salad
Crispy Zucchini Fries
*Spicy Cowboy Fries
*Pear & Hazelnut Salad w/ Creamy Cranberry Dressing
*Fancy Schmancy Macaroni & Cheese 
*Gluten-free Croutons
*Roasted No-Mayo Potato Salad 


*Movie Theater Popcorn
*Chili Cheese Popcorn
*Coconut Popcorn
*Caramel Corn
*4 Popcorn Spice Blends


Cream of Mushroom Soup
Turkey Tortellini Soup
Tortellini Spinach Soup
*Lentil Soup
*Cuban Black Bean Soup w/ Tomato-Cilantro Rice (Crockpot)
*Mulligatawny Stew w/ Chicken & Millet
*African Peanut Stew
*Creamy Potato Corn Chowder
*Cheesey Broccoli Soup
*Cheesey Asparagus Soup
*Roasted Potato Clam Chowder
*Creamy Turkey & Wild Rice Soup


Black Bean Burgers w/ Corn Salsa
Lentil Burritos
*Blueberry Applesauce
Veggie Burrito Bake w/ Sourdough Tortillas
Thai Peanut & Sesame Noodles
Spinach Ricotta White Spelt Pizza
Black Bean Burgers
Pinto Bean Burritos
Tea Party Roll-Ups
Zucchini Fritters


*Just Seasoned Salt