Monday, December 21, 2009

Gingerbread Barn & Family Fun

Over the years, our family has enjoyed building "gingerbread" houses together. And while they weren't really made from gingerbread, we didn't care. (Actually, they were made from graham crackers!)

It was about having fun.

It was about using our creativity for good and not evil.

It was about winning the coveted "best in show" title.

This year, it was about real gingerbread and a barn.

It took a lot of patience...

It took a skillful hand...
It took exactly 10 seconds for my family to realize that my hands were busy holding up the barn sides and therefore were unable to protect my lip from a full-on assault of frosting glue!

It took 10 minutes to get the frosting to "melt".

Haha...Mom's in control of the frosting today!

Old Frosty was trying to make a break for it...

...but then we bribed him with a swimmin' hole...

...and added some new friends...and a fence.

Every farm needs a truck, 4-wheeler and chickens!

And since the weatherman could not deliver snow for the holidays, we will just enjoy our white Christmas at the farm!


Kym-Anne said...

Hi Kim,

Your barn looks awesome!

Great family time photos :)

Love your Frosty's, did you make them with marshmellows?

I hope you all a very merry Christmas!!

Kim said...

Thank you! We did use marshmallows. A whole one for the bottom, 1/2 for the middle, and 1/4 for the head. We had SO much fun!

Merry Christmas to you!