Thursday, December 10, 2009

My "Girls"

Today, I thought I'd introduce you to some more members of my family.

The ones that we don't mention at the holidays.
Because somebody might want to eat them.

To me, they are family. And most of them have names, although I can never remember them when I need to. One year, we decided to raise meat chickens. So the kids wouldn't get attached (kids, not mom!), we named them, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Since there were more than 7, we added seconds and thirds to their names. Of course, their last names were "Dinner".

After that, our daughters declared themselves to be vegetarians.

The "girls" talk back regularly, and make a terrible mess, but I love them.

At the moment, they are grounded for disobedience.

They broke rule #1. DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!

So now, instead of 27, we have 26.

If only they'd listen to me and not to him...

This is one of the girls' bodyguards. His name is Rocco.

He's an idiot.

And he doesn't know how to guard.

But boy, can he sing!

He's part of a group that we lovingly refer to as, "The 2 Tenors". His cohort is named "Frisky Biscuit". Someday, they'll be big.

We have 6 more "boys" that tried to crash the party.

We'll be mentioning them during the holidays.

Because maybe, just maybe, somebody will want to eat them.

For now, we'll just be content to have some of these...

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