Sunday, December 26, 2010

An End of the Year Menu Plan~12/27/10

I have decided to declare the week after Christmas an official holiday.

Women everywhere will thank me for this I am sure.

After a month of plotting, planning, executing and shopping, we are tired. That is not to take away from any help that we received from our loving husbands and wonderful children. We are ever so grateful for all that they do. It's just that women (i.e. me) stress the small stuff. It's genetic. We worry about Christmas cards (that I didn't send), shopping (that I didn't start until the week before), baking (that I was still doing on Christmas Eve), and the house cleaning (one whiff of my boys' bathroom will attest to the fact that that didn't happen either!).

Just keepin' it real for ya. 

The reality is that even with all the hustle and bustle of the season, I wouldn't have done it any other way. 

But I still declare, the week after all the chaos, a stress-free-leave-me-alone-I'm-going-to-lock-myself-in-the-sewing-room-for-hours-on-end-and-maybe-have-an-ice-cream-sandwich-if-I-had-ice-cream-sandwiches-kind of week.

That, or I can just sit with my nose pressed against the window and wait for some snow. 

Please wave if you drive by.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here's what's cookin' this week...

Scrambled eggs & deer sausage
leftover Clam Chowder
Fried elk steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, peas

Egg salad sandwiches, orange slices
Baked sweet potato fries, baked salmon, green beans

Blueberry Coffeecake
Turkey/Veggie/Cream cheese Wraps, tangerines
Fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, applesauce

Simple Soaked Oatmeal w/blueberries
Peanut butter & jam sandwiches, tangerines

Fried eggs, cinnamon toast
leftover Cincinnati Chili

Enchiladas, fruit salad


*New Year's Eve snacks: Cheese Fondue w/ goodies, Salmon dip, chips, fruit platter w/ Yogurt Fruit Dip, veggie platter w/ homemade Ranch Dip, Root Beer Floats

I should probably follow this up with some New Year's resolutions that I'm bound to break by Monday.

Or maybe I should just stick to some Tums instead.

For more menu plan ideas, visit Menu Mondays at Organizing Junkie.

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Kym-Anne said...

Hi Kim,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!!
Enjoy your stress free week before 2011 kicks off :)