Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Mac & Cheese

Please do not adjust your screen. This is indeed another recipe.

Because it's raining. Again.

And because it's raining by the bucketfuls, I am in need of some good old-fashioned comfort food, followed by a good old pair of comfortable sweatpants.

Because yes, I over-ate. Again.

While my older kids were growing up, one of their favorite side dishes was macaroni and cheese that I made with Velveeta "cheese". I now know that Velveeta is a pseudo-cheese, being mostly made up of hydrogenated oils and some other stuff, but we loved it. It was like lying on a heater vent under a heavy quilt while watching "The Goonies" kind of comfort.

Don't ask.

I've since tried many different recipes for mac & cheese, but nothing has compared to the Velveeta dish of our past. Until now. Made up by yours truly while dancing around the kitchen to "I Love Rock & Roll", this one was declared a hit with the entire family...

...Just before they ran off to change into something a little more comfortable.

I guess this would be considered sweatpant worthy. I kind of like that rating system. ☺

~Fancy Schmancy Macaroni & Cheese~

~The Players~
1 lb. brown rice elbow macaroni
8 slices good bacon, chopped
1 large, sweet onion, sliced thin
4 Tb. unsalted butter
1 t. dry mustard
1/2 t. smoked paprika
1/4 t. garlic powder
1/4 C. brown rice flour (or white)
2 C. whole milk
1 C. light cream
2 C. shredded cheddar cheese
1 C. shredded Monterey Jack cheese
1 C. shredded Parmesan cheese
sea salt & pepper, to taste

Cut and cook bacon in a medium-sized cast iron pan. Go ahead and throw in an extra piece to make up for all the pieces that I know you'll be sneaking.

No? Never mind. Must have had you confused with me.☺

Cook the bacon until it's done, but not crispy. Remove bacon from the pan and let drain on paper towels.

Quarter the onion, then slice each quarter into thin pieces. Using the leftover bacon grease, saute the onions on medium heat for 3 minutes.

Add the spices and saute another 2 minutes.

Remove from heat and set aside.

Boil noodles according to package instructions. When done, drain in a colander. Return pot back to stove and melt butter. Stir in the flour, whisking constantly. Cook for 2 minutes while whisking. Slowly add the milk and cream while continuing to whisk.

Add the cheeses and stir. (You'll want to lose the whisk and switch to a spoon~less messy.) Once the cheese has melted, add the cooked pasta, stirring well. Add the onion/spice mixture and bacon; stir. Salt & pepper to taste.

Serves 8.


*This is gluten-free, but if gluten isn't an issue for you, regular macaroni and flour can be used.


Grace said...

The only thing better than mac n cheese is sweatpants worthy mac n cheese. Thanks for the recipe.

Candy C. said...

That does indeed look sweatpant worthy! YUM!!

Carolyn said...

Oh thank you for this recipe!! I'm having friends over tomorrow for a swap party & lunch & one of them is gluten-free so this is frekking PERFECT timing!!!!

Amy Dingmann said...

Good lord, you sweet thang! I'm grabbin' a pair of sweatpants and putting this on next weeks menu! :)

Mary Ann said...

That looks SO GOOD!