Friday, October 2, 2009

Benefits of Black Tea

In a family of our size, finding drinks that are affordable and nutritious is a sometimes daunting task. We do not drink Kool-aid or other sugary beverages, and buying fruit juice is limited to orange and apple only. When we lived at our previous home, apple trees were plentiful and autumn meant pressing the extra apples into cider. It was a huge family affair, with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents participating and the prize was to be able to take home 15-20 gallons a piece! Of course, the juice never lasted as long as we wanted it to, but boy, was it delicious!

When thinking about black tea, I picture Grandma in her chair, sipping from a pretty teacup, with her sugar cubes and cream lined up neatly on a tray. Grandma enjoyed her afternoon tea, but I wonder if she knew about the "benefits" of drinking it!

Black tea has been used throughout history for medicinal purposes, such as; preventing tooth decay, lowering cholesterol levels and relieving diarrhea. It also promotes blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart like coffee does. While black tea does contain caffeine, it is at a much lower level than coffee.

How do you incorporated black tea into your family's diet? Try making this simple, nutritious drink.

Pineapple Tea

8 cups water
12 black tea bags
2 cups pure pineapple juice
2/3 cup lemon juice
4 Tbl. agave nectar

Bring water to boil. Turn off heat and place tea bags in water to steep for 3 minutes. Remove bags. Add juices and agave nectar and stir. Serve over ice.

Not only will your family enjoy the healthy benefits of the tea, but they will also be getting their vitamin C from the juices! And better artificial dyes and preservatives!


SnoWhite said...

Yummy! We love tea around here, but straight black is not my thing -- this sounds great.

inadvertent farmer said...

I drink lots of green and white tea...what are the difference in the nutritional benefits of black vs. the others?

What about caffeine content? Kim