Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quilts and Cookies?

Well, today I am feeling better. Not 100%, but
definitely better. I am "trying" to take it easy,
but anyone that knows me, knows that I don't
follow directions well!

Since I live with a bunch of tattletales, I've decided to work on a quilt. I started this quilt earlier in the year, and then got a little side-tracked with the garden, and had to set it aside. It's difficult to see, but there are beautiful orange flowers on the brown squares. I bought matching orange/copper material for the backing, and I'll finish the edges with brown. It's 60"x60", so it will make a nice throw for the living room. I made this same quilt for my granddaughter, but it was in hot pink, turquoise, green and yellow...NOT the color of my living room!

I have another quilt that I'm working on, but it requires my brain to be fully functional! It is a basket quilt and my first attempt at triangles and flying geese and while it's not perfect, I am proud of it. I'll post pictures of that one when I get up the nerve to jump back into that one! I'm on basket #5 out of 5, so it is getting close to being pieced together. (The blocks, I mean.)

Tonight, our church youth group is "borrowing" our family room for a Harvest Party. Thankfully, there is a door at the top of the stairs, so the noise is generally contained to the downstairs. Even though all of the details have been taken care of, I still worry that somebody might forget to bring something, or there aren't enough chairs, or the room isn't clean enough...really, with a large family, it's NEVER really clean enough! So today, I decided to quit worrying and do something. Bake cookies! (Isn't that what all worriers do?) There may not be enough seating for everyone (they can sit on the floor...they're young, right?), the room may have a little dust (okay, that IS NOT my fault...woodstove!), but at least there will be cookies!

Aren't they pretty? And, I took it easy...I sat while frosting! See, I CAN follow directions!

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Nana K said...

Hi Kim,
I hope your feeling better.
Thank you for your prayers

The cookies look so yummy!!!!
And I love the quilt, I'm yet to master flying geese. I just can never get them to line up in the