Saturday, October 3, 2009


According to Webster's Dictionary (1828 version), simplicity means, "plainness; freedom from artificial ornament; as the simplicity of a dress, of style, of language"...Living in this modern day of technology and growth (not always a good thing), it is easy to lose ourselves in the busyness of life. We run to town for the slightest thing, have to have 500 channels on the satellite, cell phones for every person, Internet that is faster than the speed of light and all for what? So we can work harder to pay for these "luxuries" of life?

This week, for me, involved a lot of time spent behind the wheel of my car. Between transporting kids to college (that is SO ending!), to appointments, to groceries & library, I spent more time on the road than I did on the couch! And I need couch time! I don't mean that literally, but for me "couch time" is the simpleness of just living. Not trying to make it in a dog-eat-dog world, but just breathing in and out and actually seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling what I have been blessed with. The simplicity of enjoying a meal with my family, of watching our newborn calf frolic with the chickens in the field, of taking a walk through the woods with my husband, and listening to my children challenge each other during a game of Scrabble. The simpleness of a fire in the wood stove, the smell of apple butter bubbling on the stove and the sound of the crows, fighting over the scraps thrown to the chickens are things that I've been taking for granted.

It is important for each of us to find that simple place that we can visit, a place where we can linger, and plan for that time when we can slow down and just enjoy all that we've been given. A place that I plan on visiting more often.

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