Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I can't believe another year has flown by. One year ago, my family and I were anticipating a very important phone call. You know the one? The call that makes the rest of life come to a standstill and all but disappear? The call that drowns out the noise of life and all you can hear is the Hallelujah choir singing. For me, it was the call that I had been waiting for my whole life. My graduation day from being a Momma, to becoming a Grandma! Age didn't cross my mind at that point. Oh, it has made it's point too many times to count since that day, but on that day, not once.

This year hasn't been all sunshine and roses though. Back in February (the 13th to be exact), my daughter was on her way to work (she's a nanny for another pastor and his family), when she hit black ice and spun out of control into the oncoming lane. There just happened to be a car there. My husband & I were camping nearby, celebrating our anniversary, so when we got the call, we were able to be at the hospital in minutes. That is NOT a phone call any parent/grandparent wants to receive. My daughter, Kelsie, was bruised, cut-up and badly shaken, but generally okay. But my granddaughter, Madison, had to be life-flighted to Doernbecher's Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon. We drove. For 5 hours. It was the longest drive of our lives, made even longer because Kelsie was driving with her husband, Ben, behind us. We spent 2 1/2 days at the hospital, holding Kelsie's hand, comforting Ben and praying over little Maddie. The doctor's were amazing and ran every test that they could. It was determined that she did NOT have bleeding on the brain, but did have a fractured neck and skull. They said she would make a full recovery, and that the biggest obstacle would be to keep her from bouncing up & down!

I am happy to say that, 8 months later, Madison is fully recovered. She has hit all of the major first year milestones and I'm pretty sure even made up some new ones!! And this goofy "Nana" is going to spend several days watching her do every single one of them and thanking God for this beautiful gift. My granddaughter.

Our son-in-law, Benjamin and granddaughter, Madison Anne

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Nanna K said...

Hi Kim,
Great blog!!

Thank goodness Madison came through with no lasting injuries. She is a cutie pie :)

It's nice to meet you,
Have a great week

P.S. Isn't being a Nana just the greatest!!!