Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rainy Days and a Giveaway!

I love the autumn rains. I guess I would have to, living in the Pacific Northwest! After experiencing a rather hot summer, the cooler moist air is most welcome. I enjoy seeing the beautiful trees start to change colors, the creek levels rising so the salmon can return to spawn, and the brown fields giving way to patches of green. The air even smells cleaner! Of course, that could be because the dust has settled and now we can actually breathe!

So, what does a rainy day and homeschooling have in common? Actually, not a lot, but it is a good time to take the kids into the craft store and let them choose a project to work on! When the weather is sunny, they work diligently on their bookwork with the goal of squeezing in a little outdoor playtime. For a country kid, that doesn't mean 10 minutes of riding a bike. It has to be long enough to have an adventure, such as fort building, a "safari", or zoo-keeping. (They have to have plenty of time to gather "critters" and send me into a full-on tizzy!) Rain means that they will have to find something to do with their extra time, or Mom will!

Today, we will have a rainy day adventure. My kids will go in the local craft/fabric shop, armed with their baskets and ideas, and go nuts! (Oh wait, we're not talking about me!) And while they are happily working on their projects, they will be learning to follow directions, using math skills, and practicing patience. The workbooks will still be waiting for them, but we'll save that for a really rainy day!

Speaking of projects...Mountain Home Quilts is having a give-away! Visit Heather's site at and look at the beautiful quilt patterns she is sharing with 2 lucky winners! Leave a post on her blog and on Oct. 7, she will randomly draw 2 names! It's that easy! While you're there, check out the gorgeous quilts in her shop! I am inspired...and I am going to the fabric store...!

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