Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Catch-up" Wednesday!

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
made famous in "The Goonies"
Whew! What a marathon! This past weekend was my granddaughter's first birthday party. This "Nana" wasn't about to miss this major milestone, so we loaded up the camper, gave away the tomatoes that were ready to be canned, left instructions for our older kids and headed south for the weekend! We are a very "destination oriented" group, (you would be too with 4 chatty kids in the cab of the truck!), but this time decided to take the scenic coast highway (101) and enjoy, well, the scenery. We could not have picked a better time to travel the coast as it was beautiful all the way down. My family & I lost track of time and ended up pulling into our campsite in the dark. (At that point, we were just HOPING that is was a campsite!) It was a lovely weekend. The kids got to go "crabbing" with their grandparents and Auntie Kola, I got to visit a couple of antique stores, and my hubby helped put a roof on our daughter's porch. Of course, there was smooching. Lots of smooching. After all, isn't that what chubby 1 year old cheeks are for?

This week will be a little different for us in the kitchen. I'm going to "grocery shop" from our freezer and pantry today. I have to buy milk (really wanting that milk cow now!), but think that I can have some fun with what is already here. My family & I are also going to start our "NO SUGAR" week. I have officially banned white sugar from the house to show our family just how much they are consuming. I am just as guilty...mine is in the very justified *ahem* form of a chocolate/raspberry latte. Did I mention that it is a daily dose? Things could get ugly around here.

oatmeal, poached eggs w/ toast, cream of wheat, cranberry/orange muffins, smoothies
crab, soup/crackers, sandwiches, fruits/veggies, leftovers
Wednesday: lentil burritos, salad
Thursday: stew w/ cornbread
Friday: spaghetti w/ sourdough, green beans
Saturday: Taco pizza (daughter Mandie's 15th birthday dinner)
Sunday: potato/corn chowder w/ cornbread

As for the beginning of this post again! It really doesn't get better than that.

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