Monday, October 5, 2009

Grocery shopping results

I learned 2 valuable lessons today. If there is not a price on an item, don't assume that you're getting a deal! I made that mistake with toilet paper of all things! I was in a local "bargain market" and seen the "deals" on other brands of t.p., and figured that the larger package would be approximately double of the smaller. Wrong! I found the same package of t.p. at Wal-mart for more than a dollar cheaper. So, just because there are good deals to be had in a discount store, doesn't mean that everything is a good deal!

The other lesson learned is this...DO NOT TAKE THE HUSBAND GROCERY SHOPPING! My nerves can't take it, and neither can his heart. (and he is a perfectly healthy 43 year old man!) It is such a shock to him to see how much food costs these days. The good thing is that he realized just how much work goes into each home-cooked meal! And I got to spend a couple of hours "alone" with my honey!

I went over budget this week because I had to plan for our meals at home, meals while camping, and meals that my college kids could fix for themselves. These groceries will be lasting for 1 1/2 weeks also, so overall, not too bad! (If I do say so myself!)

Grocery Outlet
4-1/2 gallon milks $6.76
Fresh cranberries (Yippee!!) $2.99
Pineapple sausage $5.99 (camping trip)
2 quarts 1/2 & 1/2 $3.78
2-12 pack, double rolled t.p. (grrr...) $13.98
Sub-total: $33.50

Frito-Lay variety pack (36) $8.98 (college lunches!)
2-Arm & Hammer washing soda $5.40 (taking to daughter so she can make soap too!)
2-cans of olives $1.96
2-cans spaghetti sauce $1.76 (camping trip)
2-mayo $5.96
Pure maple syrup $19.76
1-bag of tater tots $2.93 (college kids meal!)
2-spaghetti noodles $1.96 (camping)
Adams peanut butter $4.89
Spanish olives $2.73
Sweet Italian turkey sausage $3.18
2 lbs. Tillamook butter $4.80
bulk Sunflower seeds (1.42#) $1.69
bulk dried cranberries (.86#) $3.23
frozen hash browns $2.93 (camping)
bulk Parmesan cheese (1.04#) $3.91
bulk dried dates (.59#) $1.37
bulk popcorn (3.23#) $2.10
bulk granola (3#) 6.93
2 pig ears $2.26
2-Fels Naptha bars $2.24 (daughter's laundry soap)
2-bags of tortilla chips $5.16
bananas (3.64#) $2.11
1# bag of key limes $1.28 (special dessert)
flour tortillas $2.98

Sub-total: $102.50

Grand total: $136.00

There are things that I could change to make this total smaller, I can't help but wonder if the difference would be made up (and over!) in doctor's office visits. In the long run, I think that we are saving money without compromising our health.

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